Chef N’ Pigeon Lake

Uptown country food and Pigeon Lake’s best and only smokehouse.

Website: chefnpigeonlake.com

Facebook: facebook.com/chefnpigeonlake

Phone: 780-586-2433

ECO Cafe

Making their own breads, desserts, meat and fruit pies in a bistro dining experience.

Website: ecocafepigeonlake.com

Facebook: facebook.com/ecocafeatvillage

Phone: 780-586-2627

Village Pizza

Wide range of delicious pizza, subs & more.

Website: villageatpigeonlake.com/places/village-pizza

Phone: 780-586-3838

Daisy McBean’s

Breakfast, sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, and ice cream.

Website: villageatpigeonlake.com/places/daisy-mcbeans

Phone: 780-586-0771

So this page includes the dining locations from around Village at the Pigeon Lake, Westerose, Canada. Also, we are mainly focusing on the restaurants within the village, Chef N’ Pigeon Lake, ECO Cafe, Village Pizza, and Daisy McBean’s. Moreover, since this is the village’s webpage not the general area. Fourthly, two of the locations do not have their own website or social media, so they have an internal link with us. In conclusion, our primary purpose is to inform potential customers and visitors what exists directly within the village. We also include where to find out information both about inside the village and outside.

Firstly the Chef N’ Pigeon Lake serves uptown country food and is the only smokehouse in the Village at Pigeon lake. Secondly, the ECO Cafe is a bistro style dining location with tons of amazing and delicious fresh foods. Thirdly, the Village Pizza may not have their own website or social media, their pizza and subs are fantastic. Fourthly, the Daisy McBean’s also does not have their own website or social media, but their breakfast and ice cream are some of the best around.

As such, this text is for the SEO analysis due to the fact that the website is simple and straight forward in it’s information. Also, the locations within the village have their own websites and social media that goes into more information. Accordingly, this is why we mostly have images, very short descriptions, and tons of links. Thusly, the Village at Pigeon Lake is located at 6B Village Dr, Westerose, AB T0C 2V0, Canada. In conclusion, the village is not that far from larger city Edmonton, Canada.