Essentials Spa & Wellness

Relax and enjoy a peaceful spa tranquility in our cozy resort location.



Phone: 780-586-2880

Lot 7 Cycle

See around the village at your own pace by renting a bicycle, tandem, side by side, recumbent, child trailer and more cycling options.



Phone: 780-312-5646

Chringall’s Workshop

Visit here during the Christmas event timeframe for a unique experience.


Phone: 780-216-2555

Other Things

Trails, ranches, river tours, golf resort and more.

Pigeon Lake Trails


So this page includes the activities from around Village at the Pigeon Lake, Westerose, Canada. Also, we are mainly focusing on the stores within the village, Essential Spa and Wellness, Lot 7 Cycle, and Chringall’s Workshop. Moreover, since this is the village’s webpage not the general area. Fourthly, column includes a link to a travel website. In conclusion, our primary purpose is to inform potential customers and visitors what exists directly within the village. We also include where to find out information both about inside the village and outside.

Firstly the Essential Spa and Wellness business is not just steam rooms and massages for the spa, but has several beautiful relaxation areas and has hand and feet services. Secondly, the Lot 7 Cycle sells and rents cycles of several kinds including bicycles of many shapes and sizes, tandems, side by side bicycles, add ons like car seat attachments for toddlers and babies, and much more. Thirdly, the Chringall’s Workshop is mainly a venue during the Christmas holidays but is considered an important activity location in our village.

As such, this text is for the SEO analysis due to the fact that the website is simple and straight forward in it’s information. Also, the locations within the village have their own websites and social media that goes into more information. Accordingly, this is why we mostly have images, very short descriptions, and tons of links. Thusly, the Village at Pigeon Lake is located at 6B Village Dr, Westerose, AB T0C 2V0, Canada. In conclusion, the village is not that far from larger city Edmonton, Canada.